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songs of anger and Redemption present


Sunday 28th August

The Rumjacks are a punk-folk band originally formed in SydneyAustralia in 2008.[1] Known for their loud and energetic live shows, the band has released five studio albums, two live albums, and a series of EPs and singles. In 2016, the Rumjacks relocated to various parts of Europe, where they currently live and tour.

Formed in 2008, the Rumjacks combine a variety of musical influences, including elements of punk rock and traditional Celtic folk. They released their debut EP Hung, Drawn & Portered, which was followed by their second EP Sound as a Pound later that year.[3] The Rumjacks secured international support from punk legends like U.K SubsGBH, and Gypsy punk legends Gogol Bordello.[citation needed]

After early lineup changes, the band maintained their lineup of lead singer Frankie McLaughlin, bassist Johnny McKelvey, drummer Anthony Matters, guitarist Gabriel Whitbourne and banjo/mandolin/bouzouki player Adam Kenny, recording three critically acclaimed albums together: Gangs of New Holland (2010), Sober and Godless (2015), and Sleeping Rough (2016), before Matters' departure after their 2016 European tour.[4]

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