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Saturday 10th August

Katie Fitzgeralds presents

Latin Music Festival

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Thursday 22nd August

SOAAR presents


Five years after their inception, THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB are still thriving upon their traditional heritage, but also widening their influences to the richness of other genres and cultures. THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB have been pursuing a fascinating journey in the modernization of traditional tunes from Brittany, Ireland, Scotland and Asturia, to make a few. On their third LP, the band have never sounded so tight and powerful, nor so relevant and fresh, with great reviews on both sides of the channel.

Recorded and produced in France, then mixed in the US by Manu Masko and New-Yorker Ariel Borujow (Black Eyed Peas, Cee Lo), these ten new tracks demonstrate the idiosyncratic synergy between tradition, songwriting and live energy. THE CELTIC SOCIAL CLUB are forging a new way to bridge the gap between Celtic, rock and pop music with such compelling authority.

Line up features Taylor Byrne (Vocals, Guitar), Manu Masko (Red Cardell, DMFB), Ronan Le Bars (Héritage des celtes, Johnny Hallyday), Goulven Hamel (Cathal Coughlan, Miossec), Pierre Stephan (Meaelstrom), Richard Puaud (Alexandre Varlet, DFMB) and Mathieu Pequeriau (Blue Monkeys, DFMB).

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Saturday 24th August

SOAAR presents



Headshrinkers are the four piece piece new wave punk band consisting of Garran on Vocals, James on Guitar, Xavier on Bass and Scarlett on drums. The band are quickly becoming renowned for the way they effortlessly mix together unflinching poetry set atop confrontational searing lead guitar riffs, thunderous, driving bass-lines and pummelling drums and for their frantic, full-force live shows with frontman Garran’s captivating, visceral performances.

Friday 30th August

SOAAR presents


For the last 7 years, Jake Martin has toured almost non stop propelling his music to audiences both at home and abroad with extensive tours in the UK, Australia, America and across mainland Europe. Jake's undeniable stage presence, energy and sing-along anthems have earned him a strong and loyal fanbase and shows with some of the biggest names in his field. Jake has toured and shared stages with names such as Gaz Brookfield, Ferocious Dog, Frank Turner, The Levellers, New Model Army, Will Varley and many more. 

Jake's sound is a distinctively energetic and engaging blend of acoustic punk and melodic indie-folk. He intelligently blends tales of life, love and the road, with dark satire, politics, and his own cheeky brand of off-key humour. Add Jake's witty ability to captivate and animate any crowd, his undeniable stage presence and the love clearly shared between the singer and the audience and you have a show you will be remembering for a while!

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